What we do

We make apps! From plain and simple to complex applications with customized solutions, you name it! We're also known to make tailored web-based software.

What we've done

We've been quite busy with our in-house apps! Lately we've launched Map Mania - a map-based educational game for iPhone and iPad! Before that we launched Mobile Asset Management, which was tailored to those who invest in hedge funds. We've also done quite a lot of work for clients in various industries, such as governmental, banking, e-commerce, etc.

Where we're heading

With the creation of our game studio, we've focused much of our effort on gaming, learning, and gamification. These concepts serve as a backbone to projects that may not apparently deal with either one.

What we seek

We love challenges. We've taken on the 'impossible'.
Okay, maybe not impossible, but really, really hard.
Oh, and we deliver on time.

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